Alex Merton-McCann

About Alex

Alex Merton-McCann is the founder of The Grown-Up Girls Report, a blog and podcast dedicated to helping support and empower women as they take on life with multiple balls in the air!

With 4 boys, an ‘often travelling’ husband and a much-loved job, Alex is fully across the multiple challenges of modern life. She lives the sheer chaos of raising 4 children; the challenges of being a working mum and trying to ‘have it all’; and the inevitable highs and lows that life always seems to deliver. And while it can be amazing, it can sometimes be incredibly tough!

In her ‘other life’, Alex works as Cybermum with McAfee Australia where she helps families stay abreast of the ever-evolving digital world. She writes a blog, does the social media thing and sometimes appears on radio and TV discussing the latest research and trends in cyberspace.

When she’s not writing blog posts or recording podcasts, Alex loves visiting cafes with her boys, going on walks with her lovely husband, travelling and spending time with her much-loved girlfriends!!

For Alex, The Grown-Up Girls Report is all about creating an online village for women where knowledge, support and friendship flows and, the recognition that ‘grown-up girls’ absolutely need each other to get through this crazy ride!

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