About The Grown-Up Girls Report

About The Grown-Up Girls

If you are ‘high-energy’ female in the prime of your life then ‘The Grown-Up Girls Report’ is for you.

You are probably juggling work, kids, ageing parents, community responsibilities and an untidy house – if you are anything like me!

But even though we are strong women with a lot of responsibility, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed.

Despite all of this, there is absolutely no doubt that we want to give life 110%.

We are keen to know more about health, beauty and wellbeing. We want to hear the latest trends and research into parenting. We love to travel and get out and about. Our careers are important to us and play an important role in validating us – and feeding our children! And we know we need to know more about technology!

The Grown-Up Girls Report will be all that. And while we’re keeping you informed and entertained, we will, most importantly, be championing other women because:

‘Strong women are the ones that build each other up instead of tearing each other down.’

Alex xx

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