How good is book club? Apart from reading fabulous books, it’s so good to see your favourite people! So, in this episode, I workshop Aussie author Jacqueline Maley’s first book The Truth About Her with my great friend and kindred spirit, Louise Talbot. Lou is a mum to 3 gorgeous boys who are absolute delights! In addition to being a top notch mother, Lou has worked on and off in NSW State politics for 25 years. International relations is her passion and she is currently studying for a double Masters degree in Counter Terrorism and Intelligence! Impressive stuff!!

The lovely Lou

So, I chose this book because Lou gave it a huge wrap! She texted me assuring me it would be perfect for the book club! And I am so glad I listened to her!! I really loved it.

The Truth About Her is Jacqueline’s first book but definitely not her first foray at writing, In fact, she has worked as a journalist and columnist at The Sydney Morning Herald/Age since 2003 and even won a Walkley Award for her investigation into sexual assault allegations against former Justice Dyson Heydon. Consequently, her writing is sublime!

Set in Glebe, in Sydney’s Inner West, the story centres around journalist and single mum Suzy Hamilton. Her stunning career takes quite a hit after Suzy ‘outs’ a Belle Gibson style wellnesss blogger Tracey Doran as a liar and a fraud. Doran had credited her lifestyle and clean eating for curing her cancer. Doran commits suicide and Tracey is effectively ‘cancelled’.

But it is the arrival of Tracey Doran’s high energy mum Jan that really takes the book into another direction. When Jan demands that Suzy write the truth about her daugher, Suzy feels like she has no choice, as she is battling her own guilt for Tracey’s death.

Both Lou and I loved this book. Jacqueline’s commentary on motherhood, parenting and the morality of asking the big questions is very thought provoking, We gave it a 9/10! A score that is not often shared!

You can buy the book here.

Check out the podcast below for our full discussion about this great book.

Happy listening!

Alex xx