I don’t know about you but 8 weeks into lockdown and I have a few beauty concerns. Most importantly, my roots and my eyebrows. In this episode, I run you through my favourite hacks that have helped me manage thes quite troubling situations – until professional help becomes available!!


If you don’t have enough courage to colour your own hair – that’s me! – then let me share with you what I have been doing to manage my dark roots. I am a chemically enhanced blonde with dark roots that have lovely patches of grey. Here is how I mnimise mine:

Firstly, remember that freshly washed hair always looks better – and roots somehow appear less obvious.

Next step, consider using a hair mascara or a spray on root touch up solution. I have become quits a fan of Schwarzkorf’s Hair Mascara in Dark Blonde to hide my greys. It’s so easy to use and can be used quite strategically. It comes in 3-4 colours from darl blonde through to black and is so well priced – $22.

L’Oreal have a spray on root solution called Magic Retouch which can also get you out of trouble. I use the blonde colour which gives my roots a dark blonde finish. My hot tip here is to always have a light touch when spraying as the colour can easily trasnfer onto your scalp, particularly around your hairline, which can sometimes look a little odd. Again, this is very well priced ($16) and is available at all supermarkets and chemists.

Dry Shampoo and powder are also great ways of lightening your root area to draw the eye away. Even though it seems like overkill, using dry shampoo on freshly washed hair will always work best. I’m a huge fan of the Batiste range.


Having a fair complexion, eyebrows are everything. They frame you face and make you look well! To get me through lockdown, my favourite product has been Brow Ultra Slim by Maybelline. I use the medium brown shade. The wonderful Susan Napper, great friend of the show (and makeup artist and beauty concierge) introduced me to this and I have never looked back. It will transform your brows within a minute and its small tip allows you to easily create a feathery brow effect. Big fan!

Maybelline have another product – Tattoo Brow 36 hour pencil – which would be a great additon to your bathroom cabinet. it lasts longer than the Brow Ultra Slim and has more pigment so gives your greater depth in colour – probably better suited for medium to dark complexions.

Now, if you are feeling game, you could always consider dyeing your brows (and your lashes). I have recently purchased the 1000 Hours Lash and Brow Dye in Dark Brown after reading glowing reviews online. This is also widely available from supermarkets and chemists and has been in hot demand during the lockdown here in Sydney. I will be giving this a try shortly and shall report back in!

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Thanks for the BeautyChat!

Alex xx