In this episode, I speak with Briony Benjamin about her inspiring book Life Is Tough But So Are You. This is the perfect book for navigating challenges and tricky times – in fact the perfect book for 2021!

When Briony was a few months into a new job at Mamamia she started feeling crappy… It turned out she had blood cancer, lymphoma and then embarked on the ride of her life to get better.

The gorgeous and inspiring Briony

This book has all the gems and nuggets of gold Briony picked up along her journey. From how to ask for help, tips on how to reframe a situation and most importantly, how to treat your body like a ferrari.

It also has great tips for friends and family who are helping someone through a tough time.

As a video producer, she also turned the camera on herself and documented her journey in the short video ‘You Only Get One Life’. Its raw portrayal of her experience went viral, touching millions.

You can buy the book here. You can find Briony here.

Listen to my full chat with Briony below.

Happy listening!

Alex x