In this episode, I chat with my bookie friend Jules Collard about Craig Silvey’s latest novel Honeybee. Honeybee is Craig’s 3rd novel. It was shortlisted for the 2021 ABIA Prize and was the Dymocks book of the Year in 2020.

Honeybee is a gorgeous coming of age story about a young Australian teenager struggling with gender dysphoria who is living in the margins of society.

The opening of the book is incredible and completely hooks you in. Late one night, 14 year old Sam Watson steps onto a quiet overpass, climbs over the rail and looks down at the road far below. At the other end of the same bridge, an old man, Vic, smokes his last cigarette. The two see each other across the void. A fateful connection is made, and an unlikely friendship blooms. Slowly, we learn what led Sam and Vic to the bridge that night. Bonded by their suffering, each privately commits to the impossible task of saving the other.

As mothers of teenagers, Jules and I both adored this book. This one is highlyt recommended – in fact – Jules considers it to be one of the best books she has ever read!

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