The lovely Jules

In this episode I chat with Jules Sebastian about her first book Tea & Honesty. This book was such a joy to read – I even noticed that I started exclaiming out loud as I was reading it – regularly piping up with ‘Absolutely’ or ‘Yes! Yes’. I very much felt that Jules and I were singing from the same songbook. In fact, I think she had me with her opening quote ‘Life is like a cup of tea. It’s all about how you make it.’

But what I loved most about this book is that it is like having your clever best friend on tap. It would be a great resource to dig into when you perhaps feeling a little lost or unsure about how to move forward in life. I can imagine reading this book in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep – when you’re ruminating on something and need some wise counsel. Jules peppers each themed chapter with personal sanecdotes and stories of people she has interviewed on her show Tea with Jules. Whether its jewellery designer Samantha Wills, style guru Neale Whittaker or Radio and TV legend Kate Ritchie, there are anecdotes and stories that helps the readers understand that their dilemmas, stresses and challenges are shared and most importantly that they are not alone.

After discussing our favourites teas and Jules’ honest confession that she isn’t an Early Grey fanatic like myself, we workshop the book including:

– the quest for identity and the importance of being brave and owning who you are

– the importance of finding your community and keeping them close

– empathy and the inspiring story of US based company The Giving Keys

– how comparison is the thief of joy – and why we need to put our blinkers on and focus on our own lane.

– how fear can be so disabling and how Jules moves through her fear.

– the loss of Jules’ brother, Andrew, to suicide, just 5 days after her wedding day and Jules’ thoughts and approach to managing grief.

This is a lovely book that I believe will become a permanent fixture on many bedside tables around Australia. A big thank you to Jules for her incredible honesty and vulnerability in sharing her life and stories with us.

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Thanks for listening and being part of our community.

Alex xx