Hello everyone and welcome to The Grown-Up Girls Report Book Club. So glad to have you aboard.

Our book this week is a memoir by Aussie journalist and writer Nicole Webb entitled China Blonde which I know will both entertain and inspire you.

From a television news reader in Sydney to a mum in China’s ancient Middle Kingdom, China Blonde is Nicole’s story of reinvention, love, humour, and how she found her place in a brand-new world. If you love travel, ever wondered what ex pat life would be like or want to know more about China, then this book is for you.

About Nicole Webb

Nicole Webb and Alex (L to R)

Nicole spent 20 years in Australian television as a reporter, producer and presenter. Prior to her time in Asia, she was a news presenter on the Sky Television Network in Australia. She has recently returned to Sydney after nearly a decade abroad in Hong Kong and China.

To be ‘educationally entertaining’ is Nicole’s goal with China Blonde as well as providing the reader the inside running on everything from expat life, living and travelling in Asia-Pacific, motherhood moments to living in a 5-star hotel.

Why I Loved It

I always wanted to have a stint overseas as an expat but life, work and multiple boys got in the way. Nicole’s memoir gave me an insight into what life could have looked like had my expat dreams come to fruition!

As a fellow blonde, Nicole’s management of her hair was a topic very close to my heart. Her stories of communicating with her new hairdresser and the often brassy results made me giggle!

Nicole’s determination to find her people in X’ian made me think about what it is that makes a good friend and how life changing friendship can be. I don’t know where I would be without my network of much loved girl friends!

If you are after inspiration to get out of your comfort zone then this book will do just that. Nicole’s move to China was incredibly bold and challenging but you will see from the book that it is was also incredibly rewarding. She learnt how to adapt, make new friends and reinvent herself – a journey that so many women in their mid life toy with.

The role of women in China is something I have always found intriguing. Nicole takes a deep dive into the history of women and how that has impacted the role of the modern women in China’s economy.

A big thank you to the lovely Nicole for chatting with me. Please take a listen to the episode for the full story. You can listen via your favourite podcast app or via the link below.

Lots of Love

Alex xx