On this episode of the BeautyChat, I share my tips for manage my sensitive skin when it gets cranky and flares up.

I have had sensitive skin my whole life. I have seen multiple dermatologists, beauticians and purchased copious amounts of products.

My skin is currently incredibly out of sorts. It all started to deteriorate when I started using a new product that was just too adventurous for my skin.

Sometimes my sensitve skin can be dry and flaky, other times it is red and itchy. But none of it is good news!

The sun, wind and heat can all cause flare ups. But for me it is usually perfumed or aggressive lotions and potions. It all seems to go awry when I irritate my skin barrier. In some cases, it can take me weeks to get it back on track.

Wine and foods with preservatives or that are high in histamines are often culprits too. I know that a night on the wines will often result in itchy eyelids!

What I Do When My Skin Flares

Back To Basics

My fancy lotions and potions are all packed away at the back of the cupboard – hopefully for later! I’m currently just 3 or 4 products that are helping my skin settle. They are:

I do also love Avene Cicalfate Cream or the Eau Thermale Spray to help calm and soothe.

Avoid Long Hot Showers

These can be incredibly irritating. Try to have mild or moderately warm baths or showers.

Avoid Harsh Cleansers

Throw out any cleansers that are too astringent or harsh. These can irritate your skin barrier.

Check out the full details on the podcast. The link is below.

Consider Using a Steroid Cream (for a short while only)

When things are bad, a steroid cream can help get you over a hump. But they need to be used sparingly and always check with your doctor or trusted pharmacist.

My Favourite Luxe/Less Products

Here is my favourite luxe and less product of the moment:

Less – Avene Skin Recovery Cream – $30 – this is getting my skin back on track after a major flare-up. Very grateful!

Luxe -Aesops Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser – $50. I have this in my moderately warm baths at the moment. It is the bomb!

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Thanks for the BeautyChat everyone! See you next time.

Alex xx