In this episode of BeautyChat, I chat with Tanya Newcombe, founder of new Aussie skincare brand Inkandi about what nasties you should avoid when choosing what skincare to invest in.

The lovely Tanya Newcombe

Since her early 20’s, Tanya has always had a passion for health. But when she discovered that our skin is our biggest organ during an anatomy lesson, she committed to ensuring what she put on her face was as natural as possible.

A few years ago, she was trying to find natural skincare suitable for her teenage daughter’s skin but couldn’t find anything that fit her criteria. So, the idea for Inkandi was born.

Tanya has spent a lot of time and energy working closely with expert botanists to develop a skincare range suitable for both teen skin and also mature skin. She even has a range suitable for oily skin and an overnight spot remover – all without toxic ingredients!!

Tanya believes consumers should absolutely avoid buying skincare that contains parabens and Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS). Parabens can have adverse affects on human hormones and SLS can be very irritating and drying to skin.

The Girls Favourite Luxe/Less Products

In each episode, Alex (and her guest) share their favourite luxe and less products. Here are the girls’ favourite products of the moment:


Luxe – Inkandi Radiance Elixir – $49.95 – available here

Less – P’ure Papaya Care Papaya Lips – $7 – available at chemists and health food shops


Luxe – Mark Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume – $120 – available at all perfume retailers

Less – Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser – $20 – available at chemists

You can listen to Alex and Tanya’s chat below or on your favourite podcast app!

Thanks for the BeautyChat everyone! See you next time.

Alex xx