While Australia’s COVID statistics are definitely on the improve, masks are going to be an important part of how to manage and contain this pandemic until we get our hands on a vaccine. So, in this first official episode of The Grown-Up Girls Report ‘BeautyChat’, Alex gets advice from Beauty Concierge and Makeup Artist Susan Napper about how we need to adapt our makeup to suit mask wearing.

What Masks do Alex and Susan love?

Susan’s current mask of choice is the Cotton On Mask Foundation mask for less than $10. Susan reports that she has successfully given this a spin in her machine!

Alex is currently donning masks from On South Hill – one of Alex’s favourite childhood friends, the lovely Lynelle, who is keeping many Aussies safe but yet looking stylish with her range of hand made cotton masks.

About Susan

Like many ‘grown-up girls’, Susan had a career change in her mid life. In her early forties, she gave up her successful career in arts administration to follow her passion for colour and design. She enrolled in a makeup artistry course and hasn’t looked back! As a beauty concierge, Susan audits her customer’s current makeup and then provides objective, tailored recommendations based on her extensive knowledge of available products and brands. She also arms her customers with the skills to apply and use these products so women feel empowered to live their best life. Yes please!!!

Susan’s Top Tips for Mask Makeup

Susan believes mask makeup is all about keeping makeup to a minimum while using maximum products to enhance your glow. It’s all about placing the emphasis on the eyes!

1. Always Start With A Clean, Toned, Well Moisturised Face
2. Invest in a Primer and Illuminator To Help Foundation Go On Smoothly and Give You Glow!

Susan loves the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm in Golden Glow – a hybrid moisturiser, illuminator and primer all in one! It’s not cheap – around $100 – but you get a lot of product and you save heaps of time!

3. Consider Mineral Makeup for a Foundation Solution

Mineral makeup is a great option when wearing the mask as it buffs into the skin far mare readily than cream or liquid foundations which means less smudging on the mask! It’s also really quick to apply.

Susan loves the Bare Pro powdered mineral makeup from Bare Minerals from Mecca.

There is a different technique to applying mineral foundation powder – you buff it into your skin using a circular motion.

4. Don’t worry about lipstick or blush – it will be all covered up!
5. It’s All About The Eyes!

Susan and Alex discuss whether to apply eyeshadow or eyeliner first. Susan assures Alex that it doesn’t matter- whatever works for you. Susan prefers to do eyeshadow first while Alex likes popping eyeliner on.

For eyeshadow, Susan loves the Maybelline Nudes of New York neutral palate – a great combination of neutrals, shimmers and matts – all for about $20!

6. The Eyelashes!

Susan wants to maximise what she has left so she has quite the process – but she has incredible eyes – so listen up!

She starts with an eyelash curler which gives your eyes a nice lift and makes it easier to apply mascara

She then uses a curling mascara which Susan thinks gives her volume and curl. She often uses 2-3 layers!

She then finishes off with a Kevin Aucoin – The Volume Mascara from Mecca. This is a tubular mascara which has polymers that stick to the eyelash which means it wont smudge or result in panda eyes. She recommends using an oily makeup remover

7. The Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame the face ad are so worth putting effort into! Enhancing your eyebrows is all about adding colour and putting back back what is missing.

Susan loves Brow Wizz from Anastasia of Beverly Hills from Sephora. It’s a fine, tiny tip which can create hairlike strokes.

Now, if you really want to ‘up your brow game’ then Susan recommends drawing a light defined line underneath the shape of your brow to provide definition. After you have finished filling in your brows, simply blend in this line using the small brush (aka spooley) at the end of the brow pencil.

If you are after a cheaper version, check out Maybelline Brow Ultra Slim – same colour, identical looking! It has just won an award from Beauty Haven. Alex has just discovered this and is obsessed!

The Girls Favourite Luxe/Less Products

In each episode, Alex (and her guest) are going to share their favourite luxe and less products.


Luxe – a new Nars Orgasm Mini Eyeshadow Palette – about $40

Less – Flower In Your Prime Illuminating Primer – $10. Flower is a brand owned by Drew Barrymore. Available in Chemist Warehouse in Australia. Susan believes it is comparable to high end products. It gets 4.3


Luxe – Hydrate by Ingrid Seaburn. A gel based hylauronic acid hydrator that brings water and plumpness – $55

Less – Micellar Water by Avene. Alex uses this as a cleaner, toner and also makeup remover. It is About $35 for 400 mls.

You can listen to Alex and Susan’s chat below or on your favourite podcast app!

Thanks for the BeautyChat!

Alex xx