I am so excited to announce a new regular addition to The Grown-Up Girls Podcast – BeautyChat.

Over the last 6 months, I’ve recorded a few episodes on beauty and the feedback has been so positive – everyone wanted more!! So, I’ve decided to make it a regular feature!!

It’s been such fun lining up a group of beauty pros who are super keen to share their tips and tricks with us all!!

But before we jump in – I just want to make it very clear that BeautyChat isn’t about making us second guess our appearances or being unrealistic about the ageing process. Not at all – in fact the complete opposite.

I believe that beauty is just a tool that can help us shine and be the best version of ourselves. Because I know that when I spend a little more effort on myself – and brush my hair and pop a little makeup on, rightly or wrongly I feel a little more confident.

Much like Book Club, BeautyChat is also about me getting my mojo back after 20 plus years of being all consumed with kids and family. Now, my kids are a little older and more indepedent, I finally have a little time to focus on myself.

Look out for the first official episode – out very soon! It features the wonderful Susan Napper – a beauty concierge and makeup artist which is all about managing makeup and masks. Until we find a vaccine, donning a mask is going to be one of the ways we all keep ourselves safe so Susan has got an action plan to help us navigate this surreal time. Susan and I will also share our favourite luxe and less products of the moment too!

I hope you enjoy it and as always, I really look forward to your feedback!

Alex x