The lovely Shannon Molloy

In this episode of The Grown-Up Girls Report podcast, Alex interviews Shannon Molloy about his first book ‘Fourteen’. Shannon is an Aussie journalist with News Limited who decided to write his memoir after an overwhelming response he had after an opinion piece he wrote in 2016 supporting the Safe Schools policy.

He realised that telling the story of his life at fourteen could be a powerful way of breaking down stereotypes and, most importantly, providing hope to young people and their families who were enduring bullying and difficulties.

Shannon Shannon describes ‘Fourteen’ as the story of the worst year of his life. It’s a story of his fourteenth year of life as a gay kid at an all-boys rugby-mad Catholic school in regional Queensland. It was a year in which he started to discover who he was. It was a year in which he had his first crush and first devastating heartbreak.

It was a year of torment, bullying and betrayal – not just at the hands of his peers, but by adults who were meant to protect him.

But it is also a story of friendship, family and unconditional love. Shannon’s close-knit group of friends, the fierce protection of family and his mother’s unconditional love were his lifelines in a year that almost ended tragically.

This is a book that every teenager and parent should read. It is powerful and moving and will provide every reader with the reassurance and hope that the dawn will always come after the dark.

Alex thoroughly enjoyed the book. Her only complaint is that it gave her a ‘book hangover’ as it was so remarkable!

You can listen to Alex’s chat with Shannon via your favourite podcast app, or by clicking on the link below.

Thanks so much for being part of the book club!

Alex xx

PS Our book for next week is ‘Maybe You Should Talk To Someone’ by Lori Gottlieb