On this episode of the podcast, Alex speaks with Sydney based Celebrity Skin Care Therapist Ingrid Seaburn about what we can do to keep our skin glowing while we all stay home and wait out the Corona Pandemic.

The gorgeous Ingrid!

Ingrid is a former LA based celebrity skincare therapist, health and beauty expert who is now living back in her hometown of Sydney. With over 15 years experience working with some of Hollywood’s biggest A list celebrities, including the Desperate Housewives ladies, she was known as the “go to girl” for great skin!

Since returning to Sydney, Ingrid’s knowledge and expertise on all things health and beauty have seen her contribute to media outlets nationwide, including a regular stint on Network Ten’s Studio Ten as their health and beauty expert. She has a gorgeous studio in Bondi with a devoted list of Aussie celebrity clients.

Why Is My Skin Not Behaving While We Are In Lockdown?

Ingrid explains that stress and consequent lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on our skin. As many of us are essentially living in lockdown, we are eating and drinking more than usual and many of us aren’t exercising like we were pre-Corona.

This time of year is also notorious for skin flare-ups. As we are heading out of the humidity of Summer into colder weather, the drier air is causing us to have drier skin. Acne will often flare up when your skin is drier. If your skin has heightened levels of surface dryness, it will automatically ramp up oil production. But when bacteria meets oil, you will get a surface breakout. And then if we add in the increased levels of sugar and alcohol, well – it’s a perfect storm!

Should I Use My Time In LockDown To Embark on an Aggressive Treatment Protocol?

In short, no. Aggressive therapy should only be done under the supervision of a skin therapist or doctor. Everyone’s skin is so different and requires different treatment plans.

Now is the time to keep it simple. Stick to what you know. Aggressive products promising great long term results can sometimes have quite negative long term effects. Wait until your beauty therapist reopens to discuss this in person.

My Beauty Therapist is Closed So Where Can I Go Online For Help?

Please beware the advice offered by poorly qualified bloggers or ‘influencers’ and the array of gimicky gadgets promising skin benefits. This advice usually doesn’t come from a scientific background. The influencers are often remunerated for promoting a product and these promoted products usually have zero active ingredients providing no benefit to your skin.

Ingrid is also wary of companies offering skin consultations online. She doesn’t believe that a therapist can make a true diagnosis without touching your skin.

What Can We Do To Maintain Our Skin In Lockdown?

Watch your diet and alcohol consumption – don’t go crazy as it will make your skin very unhappy! Sugar ages your skin!!

Drink lots of water – consider a green vegetable supplement – Ingrid loves Vital Greens!

Change your cleanser – you need to change to a softer, cream cleanser that doesn’t change the PH level of your skin. Avoid ‘sudsing’ face washes as these can be very drying. Ingrid confirms that you don’t need to spend a fortune on your cleanser, just ensure that it is natural and doesn’t have a lot of chemicals. Keep your money for your serums.

Don’t waste money on a toner – Ingrid believes they do absolutely nothing. Instead double cleanse your face at the end of the day but only with a non-stripping cream cleanser.

Incorporate an exfoliant into your routine – as the weather gets colder, your skin becomes a little more sluggish. A gentle exfoliant paves the way for your active serums to infiltrate the skin. Find an enzyme based exfoliant.

Ingrid’s Skin Vitality Kit

Ingrid has a super affordable Skin Vitality pack that will ensure our skin retains its glow while you stay home. It is an epidermal kit that is ideal for day time use. Here’s how to use it:

After you have cleansed (use your own inexpensive cleanser):

In the palm of your hand, add a few sprinkles of the Vitamin C (in small pot) into 1-2 squirts of the Adore serum which is a botanical anti-oxidant serum that will give your skin a boost of vitamins. Only use this once a day.

Then use Hydrate – this is a hyaluronic acid which helps your skin to retain water. Hyaluronic acid is found in the body however as you age, your skin loses its ability to make its own. Hydrate is also great for teenage acne prone skin – it will moisturise their skin and balance and calm their skin without clogging pores. They use so much acne treatments that their skin is continually dry so it balances out their skin.

Then use Cherish – this is pure emu oil which has absorbs beautifully into the skin and will have a nourishing and healing effect on your skin.

Your normal moisturiser is replaced with the combination of Hydrate and Cherish.

You can listen to Ingrid and Alex’s chat on your favourite podcast app or on the link below!

Happy listening!

Alex xx