Welcome to the second meeting of The Grown-Up Girls’s Report Book Club!

A big hello to those who have just ‘joined’ the Grown-Up Girls Report virtual book club. I hope this will help you regain your love of reading and help fill in the time while we all #stayhome and wait out the Corona Pandemic.

Jules with her rambunctious puppy Donkey

Phosphorescence is described as a a book about ‘awe and wonder and things that sustain you when the world goes dark’. Many have suggested that Julia Baird must have had a crystal ball when she decided to write this book. As the world battles with the Corona Virus Pandemic, the timing and message of this book is uncanny. I believe that this book will be seen as the perfect guide book for our uncertain and troubled times.

In this episode, Alex chats with her good friend Julie Collard about Julia Baird’s latest book, Phosphorescence. ‘Jules’ has excellent reading creds: she has a degree in English Literature, has worked on women’s mags such as Woman’s Day and Vogue Australia and has worked as an editor for ACP Books.

This book is not a self-help guide or a memoir. Rather it is about a search for light. While battling cancer, Julia detailed her search for what it was that helped her put one foot in front of the other. She explores the power of awe and wonder, the benefit of silence and ‘bathing in nature’, the importance of a purpose and savouring a situation, the strength that can be gained from friendships, the healing effect of a family pup and her faith.

Both Alex and Jules fell in love with this book. they both found it inspirational and thought provoking. No-one goes through life without experiencing hardship and trauma. This book will help you navigate the inevitable dark times by sharing wisdom and insight on how to regain the light.

You can listen to the podcast via your favourite podcast app, or by clicking on the link below.

This is a must read people!!

Alex xx