Welcome to the inaugural meeting of The Grown-Up Girls’s Report Book Club!

In an effort to start reading again and to help everyone pass the time while we #stayathome, Alex is setting up a virtual book club as part of The Grown-Up Girls Report. Definitely not a high-brown affair – this book club is designed to inspire you to get back into reading while having a few laughs along the way.

In this episode, Alex chats with her good friend and author Mandy Newman about the 2018 best seller ‘The Tattoist of Auschwitz’ that was written by Aussie author Heather Morris.

This book seemed like a logical choice as we are all managing our way through the uncertainty and anxiety of the Corona Pandemic. Whilst we could never compare the COVID-19 outbreak to Auschwitz, this book is a wonderful reminder about surviving adversity and finding the will to live in the midst of uncertainty and horror. It is also very much about the triumph of love and humanity.

Mandy has just published her first work of fiction, Love Song. She has been a professional writer and teacher for over 25 years.  She has worked as a journalist at The Financial Review, a feature writer for The Herald Sun. With degrees in Sociology, Teaching and a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, Mandy has also published a few non-fiction books. You can find Mandy’s website here.

During the episode, Mandy suggests 2 additional books that maybe of interest to readers if they want to continue exploring this period and genre:

If This Is A Man – is a memoir by Italian writer Primo Levi that describes his arrest as amember of the Italian anti-fascist resistance during WW2 and his incarceration at Auschwitz.

The Nightingale – is a novel written by Kristin Hannah that tells the story of two sisters in France during WW2 and their struggle to survive and resist the German occupation of France.

Alex and Mandy share NO spoilers in this episode so listen via the link below and get inspired!

Happy Reading!