If you’re thinking about a career change but haven’t had the time or focus to develop your online footprint then this episode is for you.

Fiona McLean, Creator of The Social Index, chats with Alex about the importance of social media for grown-up girls! Whether you are looking for a new job, an internal promotion or even to grow your profile, a thoughtful and well-curated social media profiles not only creates an essential first impression for recruiters and prospective employers but is an essential way of managing your personal brand.

Women Are Professional Jugglers!

Many women tend to take on the bulk of the domestic juggling. Whether its kids, community responsibilities or ageing parents, women, even if working full time. are most commonly the main jugglers in a household.

As a result of this time commitment, women don’t invest in themselves, particularly when it comes to networking which can affect our personal brand. Fiona also believes that women don’t give themselves the necessary permission to invest in their career – much unlike men!

What Is Our Personal Brand?

Your Personal Brand is essentially how people interact with you and feel about you – how they would talk about you if you weren’t there. It is your unique combination of skills, experience and personality that together contribute to the way the world sees you.

Rachel Botsman, Social Innovator, believes that trust is the currency of the 21st century and your online reputation and personal brand plays a huge part in this.

Social media can play an enormous role in shaping this. Not only can you create networks and communities to reinforce your brand but by creating and sharing quality content and your insights, you are helping people better understand what makes you tick.

Why Is Social Media So Important?

Applying for a job without an online presence (which includes social media profiles) can be problematic. In our digital age, the bulk of our first impression happen online. If you don’t have an online presence, people will make assumptions about you, which without anything to guide them, it will likely be negative. If you have no online profile, they may assume you are a poor communicator, don’t understand change or simply don’t care – merely because there is nothing online to guide them.

Future talent, clients and opportunities are all lost if both individuals and companies don’t have an active online presence.

Which Platforms Are Best For Your Personal Brand?

Linked In is a great place to start for many white-collar jobs from call centres placements to lawyers.

Jobseeker, career builder site in the US, showed that 44% of people were getting hired because of the professional presence they displayed online. Purely by the first impression online.

If you are in creative industries, you should also focus on Facebook or Instagram.

Even successful activity on eBay or Amazon can translate into ‘runs on the board’ for potential sales roles.

Best Advice To Get Started On Linked In

  1. Don’t pay for photos – use portrait mode on the iPhone. Find a great sandstone building or garden for a backdrop. Dress appropriately. Cover your shoulders but showcase your personality in a professional manner.
  2. Pop into a department stores and get a makeover or ask your hairdresser to take one after your next hairdo.
  3. Include a great summary. The World Economic Forum identifies curiosity, and purpose as 2 key attributes for successful leaders so please include your passions and experience.
  4. Maximise the key skills and technical skills area in Linked In as many search engines are looking for key words. Remember, a Linked In profile is essentially a 24/7 recruitment reference which puts you in front of people to be considered for opportunities that would not be made available if you are offline.
  5. Give people a reason to follow you on LinkedIn. Send them a personal note, even something as simple as: ‘Hi there, I’ve just re-joined the workforce and would love to connect. Excited by what you are doing. Let me know if you have time for a coffee.’
  6. ALWAYS follow a company that you are interviewing with. It demonstrates commitment and interest and that you have done your homework!

Best Advice for Twitter

  1. Once you have set up Twitter, know that you are talking to decision makers. Twitter is unique in that it is a real blend of the personal and professional so it’s often a great way to understanding someone you maybe interviewing with.
  2. Take your time. Start following people, organisations and thought leadership institutions (such as Harvard etc) you are interested in. Once Twitter ‘sees’ what you are interested in, it will help curate research and news for you. Very time efficient!
  3. Don’t feel like you need to participate in ‘the conversation’ until you are ready. If someone ‘tweets’, don’t feel like you need to reply straight away. Take your time.
  4. If someone is giving you grief on Twitter, block them straight away. Twitter’s algorithm will adapt very quickly. Remember, this is your space online – so ensure you feel safe.
  5. Curate your network regularly because your network does ‘define’ you online/ If someone you follow has views that you find offensive or don’t agree with, feel free to ‘unfollow’ them.
  6.  Aussies often find it harder to block. This is your space to come to so. Curate your network regularly because you are defined by your network.

What Does The Social Index Do?

The Social Index has unique software that can provide an analysis of an individual’s online footprint or personal brand. Companies will often employ The Social Index to assess an individuals’ values, interests and ‘suitability’ to a role. Individuals also employ The Social Index to ensure both their online footprint and CV reflects positively with the aim of maximising their career prospects.

The Social Index can be found at https://thesocialindex.com/ and Fiona can be contacted via the website.

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