In this episode of the podcast, Alex workshops her goals for 2020 and shares her proven strategies for managing self doubt. Doubt can in fact be a fabulous way of helping you assess the merits of an opportunity but when you cant work through it and it prevents you from moving forward then that’s when it becomes a problem.

Mid life is a funny time Your kids are getting older and there is finally some time to think! Many of us inevitably start questioning our purpose and embark on a journey of soul-searching as we consider what’s next. And it’s no surprise that self-doubt can start to creep in during this period of transition.

Now self-doubt can be a useful tool when we are trying to assess an opportunity or decide whether we should move forward with a new challenge however if it prevents us from achieving our potential and disables us, then that’s when it becomes a real problem.

During this episode, Alex shares how a big dose of self-doubt delayed the launch of The Grown-Up Girls podcast by over 6 months! She also shares how she was able to move forward. remove the roadblock that her self-doubt had become and finally start kicking goals.

Here are Alex’s 5 proven strategies for managing self-doubt.

  1. Accept that doubting yourself is normal. It is a normal human response to a new or unfamiliar situation or opportunity. So recognise this and don’t think it’s unique just to you.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others. This can be so intimidating and disabling. Rather, be inspired by the stories of others but accept that you are on your own journey.
  3. Practice self compassion. Be kind to yourself, just as you wold be to a good friend. Don’t be hard on yourself. Practice self-care and be supportive of yourself.
  4. Surround yourself with people who support you and who have successfully worked through their own self-doubt.

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Vegetable Fritters

In this episode, Alex also shares a great recipe for Vegetable Fritters which is extremely popular with her extensive male tribe of non-vegetable lovers. Click here to view the recipe.