On this episode of the podcast, Alex speaks with Sydney based Celebrity Skin Care Therapist Ingrid Seaburn about what women can do to ensure their skin is glowing and looking fabulous in their 40’s and 50’s !

Ingrid is a former LA based celebrity skincare therapist, health and beauty expert who is now living back in her hometown of Sydney. With over 15 years experience working with some of Hollywood’s biggest A list celebrities she was known as the “go to girl” for great skin!

About Ingrid

Ingrid built her reputation as the best in the business, she worked as Teri Hatcher’s personal therapist as well as taking care of other Desperate Housewives stars Marcia Cross and Brenda Strong, Academy Award nominated Australian actress Rachel Griffiths and many of Hollywood’s most beautiful women (and men). Rockstar royalty came knocking at her door and she soon built a trusted reputation looking after the health and beauty needs of supermodel wives of some of the biggest bands in the world.

Based back in Sydney, Ingrid’s knowledge and expertise on all things health and beauty have seen her contribute to media outlets nationwide, including a regular stint on Network Ten’s Studio Ten as their health and beauty expert. Various contributions and articles in Australian media outlets and publications have established her as a trusted source of health and beauty information and advice and the only qualified expert with Hollywood experience now contributing to Australian media.

Before they get into discussing strategies to help women ensure their skin glows as they age, Alex and Ingrid talk about Ingrid’s life in Hollywood working with the likes of Terri Hatcher and Marcia Cross. Fascinating!

Episode Takeaways:

  • When we reach peri-menopause, our levels of estrogen and progesterone decline. Estrogen declines which can mean women develop acne. Very normal!
  • Collagen declines also as we age.  As we get older our cellular turnover slows down which contributes to the lack of collagen. Despite the claims, you can’t get collagen from a cream or a drink – your body creates it. But the good news is that there are ways you can encourage your body to create more collagen.
  • There are certain active ingredients that will help stimulate collagen production: Retinol, growth factors and amino acid peptides. But not all active ingredients are equal. Ensure the percentage of active ingredients and the delivery system is of a professional standard otherwise you are wasting your time and money.
  • If your cellular turnover is slowing, your collagen production is slowing. Retinol can slow down ageing.  Ingrid loves the Osmosis product – which delivers Vitamin A in the right form.
  • Fat loss also occurs as we age as well as a decline in bone density. Most faces will get narrower. But everyone is in the same boat – so don’t stress!
  • Dry skin is also another concern for many women in their 40’s and 50’s. Cellular turnover is a huge way of addressing this – with the 3 active ingredients mentioned above. But you need to re-educate their skin.
  • It is possible to turn around ageing skin. Be smart, avoid inflammation – no peels.
  • Alex talks about her obsession with Hyaluronic Acid – which she cant say! Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in our bodies but declines as we age. It helps our skin look plumped and to retain water. 
  • Diet is really important – unfortunately – sugar ages you! And this includes alcohol. Sugar causes glycation in your cells – which effectively ages you. But Ingrid and Alex believe everything in moderation! 80/20 rule – Ingrid and Alex both try to be good during the week and indulge on the weekends!
  • Exercise – is essential for the skin and it oxygenates the skin and causes blood flow. Its a great way of getting nutrients into your face.

Ingrid’s Top Tips

  • Invest your money in a fabulous serum. That’s where you’ll see the real change in your skin. Don’t worry as much about the cleanser or moisturiser  – keep them simple and natural.
  • Vitamin A should be an essential part of your skin care regime. Also consider Vitamin C – which stimulates collagen production and pigmentation – this falls into the preventative category. Vitamin C is best in powder form – lotion won’t do anything.
  • SPF is important. Reapply regularly. And always wear a hat – not a cap – they do nothing! Remember, the best form of sun protection is physical protection – zinc is great for the beach – not day to day as doesn’t work well with makeup. Always have an SPF in your moisturiser.
  • Attitude – and emotional health is really important to ageing. Foster a young, high-energy attitude. Have fun!    

How To Contact Ingrid

Ingrid is based in Bondi. Appointments can be made be emailing ingrid@ingridseaburn.com or by calling 0422629322.

Recipe of The Week – Chocolate Brownies

I don’t think I have ever made these brownies without someone remarking that they are incredible. Sounds like I’m showing off – I know – but they are insanely yummy! I make them in my trusty Thermomix but you could absolutely use a food processor. In order to make these gluten and dairy free for my tribe, I simply substitute Nuttelex for butter and I use Lindy 70% Cocoa chocolate which has no dairy in it. There are a variety of other dairy free chocolates which could use if you prefer but this is our fave! When morale is low, I make a batch of these and the family starts smiling again. Here’s the recipe – I hope your clan enjoys them as much as mine do.