In this episode of The Grown-Up Girls Report, Alex Merton-McCann talks with Max Monin from Covenant Christian School in Sydney about the factors contributing to the stress year 12 students feel during the HSC and what we can do as parents to help them navigate it. As the Year 12 Co-ordinator at Covenant Christian School, and an experienced ‘HSC dad’, Max shares some great, practical tips that will ensure the whole situation doesn’t become a pressure cooker.

As a mum of 4, with almost 3 HSC’s under her belt, Alex is also keen to talk about the plethora of alternative uni entry options and pathways open to Year 12 students. Halleujah!

Together, Alex and Max discuss the importance of sleep, exercise, meditation and most importantly, the need for balance.

This episode is all about ensuring our kids realise that the HSC is just one challenge in life which will absolutely not define them.

So, if your teen is embarking on their final high school exams, then make yourself a cuppa and tune in! Alex and Max will help you ensure these few weeks don’t have to be a nightmare!

Alex xx

Recipe of the Week – The Best Chocolate Cake Ever!!!

This episode also includes a recipe for an amazing chocolate cake that will get you out of trouble. This is one of Alex’s favourite recipes that she can have in the oven in less than 5 minutes! It doesn’t require any fancy ingredients and, of course, it can be made gluten and dairy free!! Recipe available here.